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Andrew Sapin – Singer/Songwriter

So when I first came across the music stylings of Andrew Sapin at a Ben Deignan performance, to say the least I wanted to cry…one because he has an amazing voice…two because the song he was singing was gorgeous…and three because I KNEW that I had NOT recorded the performance and thus would have to … Continue reading

What a Difference a Week Makes!!

View from the Mansion on Peachtree What didn’t happen this past week??? I mean seriously….there was a concert, an interview, a cousin coming home from tim-buk-too, a basketball game, and fun in the sun!!! I’ve met some amazing people and managed to once again navigate all of this on limited sleep. Beginning with Tuesday, I … Continue reading

Ben Deignan – Singer/Songwriter VP of Lance Tilton Foundation

Photo by Richie Arpino What does it take to “make it” in the music industry today? You’d think that a great voice, catchy hooks, cute front man and massive passion and hard work would be enough. But in this industry, there seem to be other factors that come into play. Like…who knows, but whatever it … Continue reading

Alycia Levels Interview-Part 2

This is the rest of the conversation that Contemporary Gospel Recording Artist Alycia Levels and I had. If you have not read the first part please check it out here, and then come back to this to finish it up…Enjoy!!! GOTB: For the last part of your schooling, you were in school full time, on … Continue reading

Mini Blog Within a Blog Part2- Product CampATL & Ben Deignan

I feel like I am about to fall out! Seriously!!!! It’s amazing what one can get done when time is of the essence, and you actually want to go to every event. In about 72 hours I have created a Blog for Christian Artist Alycia Levels, been to a Ben Deignan performance at the Mansion … Continue reading

Alycia Levels – Contemporary Gospel Recording Artist

Alycia Levels PUSH I hear all of the time, from teens who want to become a recording artist, but I have never actually met or known someone who has actually worked at it and made it their reality. Meet Alycia Levels, a fresh graduate of Georgia State University she is an independent recording artist who’s … Continue reading

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