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Judy McKinley – Licensed Professional Counselor

It’s always interesting to find out about the careers of the parents of your former classmates, because….well for the most part, you never really knew anything more about them than the fact that they were a Mom or Dad. In light of this fact, I am ecstatic to offer this interview of Mrs. Judy McKinley, who was … Continue reading

Jamila Harris – Minister/Radio Host/ Philanthropist

Our next interview is with a woman who partners with her husband and another female minister to give focus and love to those they serve over the airwaves. With Show titles like, “Hot and Holy” and “Why Should I Get Married”, the entertainment level of the show is actually pretty high. But breaking in on … Continue reading

Keri Duncan-McDaniel / Snapped Images

Keri Duncan-McDaniel/ Snapped Images There’s always that chance that you’ll go through life doing one thing, only to find that your life’s passion is something else completely! In some ways this is the story of Keri Duncan-McDaniel, who still holds down a “regular” job while pursuing her passion for photography.

James “Chubby” Wells – NBA Agent/ Basketball Trainer

On this Thursday before Mother’s Day Weekend, I sit in a nondescript gym watching six men play basketball late in the evening. The game isn’t really about winning, although there is clear competitiveness in all who are on the court, but rather about getting the two younger guys on the floor to raise their basketball … Continue reading

Black Ice – Photographer/Founder- Inspire Magazine

He’s a photographer, an author, a publisher, a web designer,…Chris Bell, aka Black Ice is an artistic butterfly who refuses to stay in anyone’s cage. I’ve known Chris since high school, and am sad to say that I never knew the genius that lived within his minds eye. But just like so many who walked … Continue reading

Marcus Brown – Pro Basketball Player/ ProSkillsCamp Director

Marcus and two of his younger fans According to the NCAA, almost ALL NCAA athletes will go into a profession besides sports. Well this is an interview with one of those athletes who made a goal of playing the game he loved overseas, and succeeded in doing so. He has gone pro in sports, and … Continue reading

Joshua K. Martin, P.L. – Attorney / Founder of Private Law Firm

So you own a small business in the Fernandina or Nassau County areas of Florida and you need a lawyer…Or you’re a student trying to decide whether or not to take your LSAT’s and enter law school.In either case, I’d suggest that you read this interview of Attorney Joshua Martin, who moved to Amelia Island … Continue reading

JB Reed – Photojournalist/ Co-Founder Nuru Project

So you want to be a photojournalist, or you have always wondered what it would take to do that sort of job. Meet JB Reed, a freelance photographer operating out of NYC. His photojournalism has been featured in The New York Times, U.S.A.Today, The Washington Post and other international publications. In 2008, he co-founded a … Continue reading

Andrew Sapin – Singer/Songwriter

So when I first came across the music stylings of Andrew Sapin at a Ben Deignan performance, to say the least I wanted to cry…one because he has an amazing voice…two because the song he was singing was gorgeous…and three because I KNEW that I had NOT recorded the performance and thus would have to … Continue reading

Ben Deignan – Singer/Songwriter VP of Lance Tilton Foundation

Photo by Richie Arpino What does it take to “make it” in the music industry today? You’d think that a great voice, catchy hooks, cute front man and massive passion and hard work would be enough. But in this industry, there seem to be other factors that come into play. Like…who knows, but whatever it … Continue reading

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