About TheDollyP.com

The idea for TheDollyP.com to begin as an Independant Social Media and Website Development Consultant for small businesses, came from a very need seen and a solution that was both inexpensive and of high quality.

The problem was that small businesses needed to get on the web, and often did so by either overpayig for a website far too grand for their needs, or skimped, by getting an associate to create a website through a paid hosting parter, that inadvertantly made the business look either cheap and irrelevant, or just cheap.

The solution was and still is to create functional and clean looking websites that are easy on the eyes and easy to navigate, through the free hosting platforms that are available to the public.

The very first Client of TheDollyP.com was The Math Set, an Atlanta Tutoring company whose original website was in much need of an upgrade. After completion of the website, it was later found, that the new website, hosted by Blogger.com, did not need to be hosted in a traditional manner, thus saving the business just over $120.00 a year on hosting alone.

This amount is not a large sum, but when you are a start-up, it can make a big difference.

Also making these platforms attractive are the ease of integration with other Social Media Platforms, like Twitter and Facebook; as well as Mobile Phone apps.

At this time TheDollyP.com uses Worpress.com and Blogger.com, to complete all website needs. Social Media Management is also available for Twitter, and Facebook Pages.


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One thought on “About TheDollyP.com

  1. Hello. I absolutely adore your blog. (I’m following your blog.) I am a children’s book author and I have a new book coming out in October of this year. The book is called Grimly Jane and I along with the publisher’s are planning a big release. My publisher’s and my agent have given me the task of creating a strong social media presence. I would like to know if you would promote my book on your page and/or the official Facebook page for the book. In return, I will promote your blog on both my personal and book page as well as on my blog. I have attached the links to the book trailer and the page so you can get an understanding of the story. Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

    D. L. Alexander


    Posted by Delawn Lynn | February 21, 2012, 4:48 pm

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