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Book Review: The Virgin Diaries

So a while back I was contacted by one of the co-authors of this book to that this would be an easy task….for some reason…it was not.

Seventy-two people, young and review it.

I replied “sure”, at the time, thinking old, gay and straight, responded to the call for answers and those answers are in The Virgin Diaries. This candid collection of stories provides a unique opportunity to be a fly on the wall. There is no commentary. The stories stand on their own, allowing the reader to form his or her own conclusions. Whether you are a virgin and desire to make an informed decision or are a parent faced with “the talk”, The Virgin Diaries offers confidential insights into one of life’s most personal experiences.

– Kimberley A. Johnson coauthor of The Virgin Diaries

To begin with, even with forewarning of how the book was compiled, and that it was simply a collection of annonymous stories from random Americans about their first sexual experiences, I still found it hard to get into.

Not that any of the stories were uninteresting or anything, quite to the contrary, most were engaging and spoke of the tons of emotions that came before, during and after the act. The thing that I had not counted on, was the candid view that so many were willing to share about their first time experience.

From their shame, to guilt, to blood, to pain, to the grief…it was almost too much to take in. In fact, even though the cover is rather plain and innocent looking, if I were any lighter I’m sure I would have blushed scarlett red the one time I chose to take the book with me to work to read.

With the exception of a couple of stories that I think were really male fantasies…*side-eye*, the rest of the experiences I read through seemed open, brutally honest, and were more thought provoking than most conversations I’ve had with sexually experienced friends…who are just trying to “fill me in” on their experiences.

Without the sieve of protection, most gave a view into this very intimate act that usually no one is willing to share. And for this I believe that it is worth the money, and worth it to share with a young person you love…male or female.

These stories were not written to sway opinion. They were simply written to tell a story. There is no glory, nor any fame to be attached, therefore a teen can draw their own conclusions…and can do so without feeling like they are being told to draw a specific conclusion.

This book more than clarified my multiple reasons for keeping my legs closed and crossed…tightly lol. And I’m sure any intelligent teen will see that sex…particularly your first time should be given at least to someone to whom you want a deeper relationship with…and not just to get it over with.

So would I endorse this book?? Absolutely!! Just don’t try to read it on the train….

For more information on this book please visit: ArkStories

Or buy the book online here



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