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Judy McKinley – Licensed Professional Counselor

It’s always interesting to find out about the careers of the parents of your former classmates, because….well for the most part, you never really knew anything more about them than the fact that they were a Mom or
In light of this fact, I am ecstatic to offer this interview of Mrs. Judy McKinley, who was and is the amazing Mother of a fellow Chamblee High c/o 2000 Graduate Daniel McKinley, and fellow CHS Alum David McKinley.

Name ~ Judy McKinley
 Your Occupation or Title with your company ~ Licensed Professional Counselor,
LPC for short
Name of business(es) you are involved with ~ Cumberland Psychiatric Group
How long have you been doing this? I’ve been in this
field twice, from 1974-1980, and again from 2003-2011. (I took a brief 20+ year
detour working for BellSouth)
What is your formal educational background?  Graduated from Glenbrook South HS in
Glenview, IL 1967. Graduated from DePauw University in Greencastle, IN 1971
with major in psychology and secondary education; Graduated from Georgia State
University in Atlanta in 1974 with M.Ed in counseling. Numerous additional
trainings and Continuing Education courses since then.
Did your formal education prepare you for the career you now hold? It certainly
got me started. The degrees are the entrance requirements, and they do have
value. However they’re only the start. I estimate I learned ¼ of what I need
from schooling, another ¼ from the various jobs I’ve held, and the other ½ from
living life. I don’t know how I could help my various clients as well with even the
best schooling, without living life and learning from life experiences: marrying,
rearing a family, changing careers, divorcing, etc. are experiences I draw from
all the time in helping my clients understand what’s happening to them and what
to expect. OH ~ and I suppose I should mention, I read voraciously, so I’ve
probably learned another ¼ from reading. I frequently give my clients homework
assignments reading books or any of a zillion helpful articles I’ve collected over
the years.
What other education/Internships helped prepare you for what your current
As part of grad school I completed an internship at Henry County
Human Services Center, counseling teens, adults and couples, with excellent
supervision and support from the full time staff there.
What is the BEST part about what you do? Best part by far is seeing someone
learn a new skill or gain a different perspective that helps them resolve a
problem. My favorite thing to hear is, “I was thinking about what you said last
week, and …”
What could you live without, with regards to your job/career? Managed care
is an abomination. Our staff of 4 therapists and 3 psychiatrists require 5 office
staff just to keep up with insurance paperwork, which adds to our overhead and
decreases my earnings even beyond the unreasonably low reimbursement rates
that managed care companies allow. All this while giving crappy service to my
clients (who also are their clients). It’s a horrible system.
When did you know that this was your life’s calling? At some point in college,
I noticed that everybody seemed to come to me to discuss their problems. I
decided if this was going to happen, I better get some training to know how to
To learn more do check out the website below and then click on staff to find out about Mrs. McKinley’s specialties.
Judy McKinley, LPC
Cumberland Psychiatric Group
11111 Houze Rd, Suite 225
Roswell, GA 30076


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