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Andrew Sapin, Interviews, Singer/Songwriter

Andrew Sapin – Singer/Songwriter

So when I first came across the music stylings of Andrew Sapin at a Ben Deignan performance, to say the least I wanted to cry…one because he has an amazing voice…two because the song he was singing was gorgeous…and three because I KNEW that I had NOT recorded the performance and thus would have to live with the knowledge that this was a once in a lifetime experience! NOOOO!!!!!!!

Thankfully, I have been promised a recording of Andrew performing the song by himself and I anxiously await it coming. :-)YAY!!!

In the meantime, I really wanted to find out what makes this multi-talented Jacksonville, Florida native reach for his goals in the face of the uncertain “music business”.Because let’s face it, google and myspace weren’t really helping me out on additional information ..and I’m sort of a stalker. So I asked Andrew for an interview and even though he was super busy he said “yes” and the rest is His-story.

So for all who have wanted to know a little more about this guitar, and piano playing musician….here you are, and you’re welcome!

GOTB: When did music choose you, or did you always know you wanted to be a performer/singer?
Andrew: Music definitely choose me. Growing up I was always playing different sports and music wasn’t really on my mind. My parents had enrolled me to piano lessons at a very young age and I really didn’t enjoy it at first. As I grew older, my appreciation for music began to grow. In high school, I picked up the guitar and started learning on my own. I was also playing the piano a lot more. I have always been singing since I was little. I sang in church, but I never sang outside the house besides that. It was my family, friends, and choir members who gave me so much support and gave me confidence to sing. I began to create my own songs on the piano and the guitar and soon I was playing shows and loving every moment of it. Now I am hooked and I haven’t stopped learning, making, and playing music.

GOTB: How would you describe yourself? (singer/songwriter/

Andrew: I try to be all of these. I sing, write, and play music in the hopes that I can entertain the crowd and I give my heart out in everything that I do.
GOTB: How would you describe your music?
Andrew: Right now I would say its very eclectic. I am trying to find my sound, so I’m playing around with a lot of different styles. In high school I was a DJ and I was playing all different types of music. I really found an appreciation for all types of music which I guess is the reason why its been hard choosing my style.
GOTB: What has been your biggest influence in creating your music?
Andrew: The experiences that I have gone through as well as experiences that my friends have gone through. Other musicians influence my music as well. I have learned a lot from different artists and it has only made me better in my writing.
GOTB: Who are your musical heroes?
Andrew: I have so many. Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and my Grandpa just to name a few. They have all inspired me to make music and to become the best performer that I can be.
GOTB: How would you define success in this career?
Andrew: Success to me is seeing a smile on someone’s face, a person tapping their shoes or nodding their head to the beat, or singing/mouthing the words to the songs that I am playing or that I have recorded. It means the world to me seeing this and that’s why I would call it a success.
GOTB: How big of a factor has your family had in your career?
Andrew: Huge. My family has been so supportive of my music. Everywhere that I play they come out and make the drive to come and see me play. It means so much to me having them there. Every time we have a big gathering I get to play in front of an always fun crowd, my amazing family. Its always a good time and we play, dance, and sing all night.
GOTB: How do you deal with doubters?
Andrew: I know that everyone is not going to like my music and there are far more talented musicians than I am. For me, I view doubters more like fuel for the fire. I use their comments to help me become a better musician and performer. I know I have room for improvement, so it gets me working harder and it makes me more determined to find ways that I can improve.
GOTB: When can Atlantans expect to see another Andrew Sapin sighting?
Andrew: I love Atlanta. I’ve met so many great people and talented musicians out there. They’ve made me feel like Atlanta is my second home. Every chance I get to go out there, I take it. I hope to be out there really soon.
Andrew in studio in ’08
GOTB: Where has music taken you that you wouldn’t trade for the world?
Andrew: Music has allowed me to go to a lot of different places. At these places I have had the great opportunity to meet some great people and develop friendships with them. I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything.
GOTB: What is one thing about your career that most people don’t know about your profession?
Andrew: There are so many talented musicians out there that are not on the radio or famous, which doesn’t mean that they aren’t good. I’d suggest to go these small venues around town and you will be amazed of what you could find. Support local talent.
GOTB: What advice would you give to a 16 year old wanting to do the same?
Andrew: Play, play, play. And play cause you love to. Don’t let people get in your way from attaining your goals. Find and meet some people that have the same goals as you and together you could help each other out. Take advantage of self promotion through websites like YouTube, Facebook, and other sites like that to get your music out there. Finally, just have fun and enjoy every minute of it.

This is an ’09 recording, and his voice is sort of drowned out by the background music…but in the spots where you can hear him…it’s AMAZING!! Loves it, and waiting for more to share with everyone!!

In the meantime Follow him on:



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