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Alycia Levels Interview-Part 2

This is the rest of the conversation that Contemporary Gospel Recording Artist Alycia Levels and I had. If you have not read the first part please check it out here, and then come back to this to finish it up…Enjoy!!!

GOTB: For the last part of your schooling, you were in school full time, on the weekends being gone, how was that?
AL: It was CRAZY!! I mean what I learned through that whole thing, was that I can do anything! I was interning, I was a full time student, I was going to the studio and  writing music; and I was traveling every weekend(to promote P.U.S.H.); still while trying to maintain a social life in order to maintain my sanity. But it just taught me that I can do anything. And I learned that I can balance a LOT of things. But it was a good experience.
GOTB: When did you first hear one of your songs on the radio?
AL: That was crazy, because everybody heard my song (Joy) before I did. I didn’t even know it was playing on the radio until – well you know people always think that if you have a good song it’s going to get played on the radio. But that is not the case, you have to have a record promoter, and go through a whole procedure… –so, you know it’s a really long process to get your music to radio. So it was really even a Blessing that they even played it. But I didn’t know.
A friend of mine from high school’s Mom, said to me : “Alycia!!!! I didn’t know you were on the radio!!!”
And I was like, “I’m NOT. I don’t have enough money to even be on the radio right now.”
But she was like, “But I swear I heard your music.”
And people just kept calling me, and telling me( that they’ heard me), but I kept researching it and I couldn’t find any record of it being played, and so I sang at a concert, and this lady was like “Yeah they’re playing your song!”
And I was like, “Quit playing!”

Finally though, it was seven in the morning one morning and I was still in bed, because I don’t like to wake up early, and Keith called me and was like, “ALYCIA!!! Joy is on the radio right now! Joy is on the radio Right NOW!!”

And I was like, “Joy is on the radio!! I need to get to a radio.”  But I don’t have a radio, so I had to come in (the living room) to plug (the radio) up and it was all static-y but I was like “Oooo!!!! That’s me!!!! Get it Girl!!”
So that was the first time for me. But everyone else heard it before me, and I still haven’t been driving and heard it. But EVERYBODY else I know has. I still haven’t had that full blow experience of hearing myself yet because I could barely hear myself the first time. So I know it’s coming..
GOTB: So what is like the worst and best part of what you do? What keeps you going as a recording artist?
AL: The best part for me is quite honestly that I am living and walking in purpose. So when you’re doing that everything else just seems to fall together. And one thing that I have learned in life, even though, I am still very young, is that, the only thing that will last is from God. Because I was singing and writing and in the club, and doing all of that stuff, and none of that stuff ever lasted. The reason why I didn’t make it this far in R&B/pop music is because it wasn’t for God and it wasn’t His purpose for my life.
Sweet Auburn Festival 2010
So it is a rewarding thing to be able to go out and have people’s souls to be saved and to see people really inspired by what you have to say. And I think like, a year ago, I was not this person! And it’s just SO crazy to see what God is doing through you. When people say ‘I was feeling this way and then I was listening to your song, and it spoke to me this way …” And it’s just so rewarding to see God use you in that way.
GOTB: So what is the NOT so great part? Te part you would erase if you could?
AL: The not so great part is that no matter what you do, no matter what genre of music you’re in, whether it’s rap, or gospel, or country or blue grass; you know there’s always  people that are going to say a lot of (negative) things about you. And there are always people who are going to promise a lot of things.
I run into a lot of people who have had a lot of things to say about me. Whether it’s because of how I get my message across, or how I dress. You know? Especially going into churches where some people are like, “Why does she look like that?”, “Why does she have that dress on?”, or “Why are her heels so high?”, and “Why is her music so fast?”. So people are always going to have something to say about you, and I take it as, obviously my message is not for you, because there’s someone else who spoke to you, and what God put in my spirit is for somebody else.
GOTB: What about those “promises” you were talking about?
AL: Oh yeah! People lie about stuff ALL the time!! Hey I’m going to give you the world on a silver platter. And I don’t pay that any attention! I definitely pray for discernment, especially with this genre because you can start thinking like, “Hey I’m a Gospel singer, nobody’s going to lie or do wrong in this genre.” And that is definitely wrong!! Because people are still people.

GOTB: What advice would you give to a teen who wanted to follow in your footsteps as a singer? Whether it be R&B, or Gospel or whatever.

AL: One thing, especially for those who are young and still in high school is that you need a relationship with God. A lot of young people think that it’s not cool to have a relationship with God because they won’t be able to do a lot of things, and we can’t do this or go there.  But you’re really not depriving yourself of anything because God won’t keep you from anything that is good for you. So the most important thing to remember is that if you have a dream that strong that you need a relationship with God.
Because once your foundation is on Him, then no matter what comes against you, you won’t waver.  Really most of the relationship with God is just believing that He is going to everything He said and going to give you the desires of your heart because He loves you. So no matter how hard it may seem just continue to trust in Him and believe in your dreams and persevere and have Faith!!

 As a follow up, this beautiful young woman is also a member of growing independent artists who own their own production company’s . Her’s is Another Level Productions…so she is also her own boss and CEO. Her story is all about hard work and doing the little things that it takes to make it in this field. I can personally attest, because she’s one of my housemates, and I use that word lightly because she’s rarely here. She’s always out promoting her album and music, and it can no doubt be a lonely road, but when your heart is on fire with purpose…well you know =)

So Peace Love and Courage Peeps, oh and check out her Blog for the latest updates here
You’ll be able to keep up with her and see when she’s making a stop close to you, her latest YouTube videos and more!!!
Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter or on Facebook
Visit her official site to get her album here 




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