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Joint Venture with Be Humane LLC

Joint Venture with Be Humane LLC

TheDollyP.com and Be Humane LLC are joining forces to offer small business owners the opportunity to get their businesses on the web at reasonable prices. For $300.00 get a Blogger website for your business that uses the full family of Google resources in order to enable any novice the ability to manage their website with … Continue reading

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  • So, I've been blessed these past couple of weeks...in some of my most down emotional times, to have been able to concentrate on creating websites for a couple of businesses. (more…)
  • The Panther's Home Court I know I am weird, but today...I am inspired...by a team that could have won...but lost instead. Really!!!! If you know me at all, then you know my love for sports and my gym rat/football-field rat/ baseball-field rat status that I tend to keep. Where there is a battle to be won, I will gladly be there to witness. (more…)
  • Keri Duncan-McDaniel/ Snapped Images There's always that chance that you'll go through life doing one thing, only to find that your life's passion is something else completely! In some ways this is the story of Keri Duncan-McDaniel, who still holds down a "regular" job while pursuing her passion for photography. (more…)
  • This is actually NOT my tutorial, but one from Beautiful Beta that I am sharing with you. Click on the link and learn how to use your Google Calendar on your Blog!! http://beautifulbeta.blogspot.com/2007/12/google-calendar-widget.html
  • So you want to be a photojournalist, or you have always wondered what it would take to do that sort of job. Meet JB Reed, a freelance photographer operating out of NYC. His photojournalism has been featured in The New York Times, U.S.A.Today, The Washington Post and other international publications. In 2008, he co-founded a photography non-profit called Nuru Project. JB took the time to answer some of my questions about a world that many of us only see when we pick up the newspapers, and it is one full of adventure and uncertainty. So what does it take become a successful photojournalist? Why do it? Read on to find out more. (more…)


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